“When I first started working out with Ruth, it was one year after breaking my hip. At my 2-year check-up, the surgeon said that my recovery is “remarkable”, and that it was fortunate that I was so fit. Ruth adapted our group workout and spotted me as I tried to regain my balance, strength and coordination. She literally stayed by my side! I’m amazed at how able I am now to do all of her exercises… for which she no longer cuts me any slack. I’m back playing soccer and skiing, and doing whatever I want to do!”
Syd Bosel 52, Family Support Worker, Vancouver


“I remember being somewhat disdainful at the start of my first session but I got over that quickly. That was 7 years ago! Ruth stresses safety and provides challenges for all fitness levels. It’s fun and great crosstraining for the other activities I’m involved in!”
Henry Edmonds, Lawyer, Vancouver


“In the two years since I began my Ruthless classes, I have lost weight, gained strength, increased my confidence, and fed not just my body but my mind, heart and soul with energy and love. Ruth rocks!”
Deena Chochinov 53, Vancouver


“I have been going to Ruthless Fitness for eight months now and I feel more fit than ever. During the fall and winter I am usually more sedentary but going to these workouts are the highlights of my week. Ruth is able to challenge you while at the same time accommodate any injuries or weaknesses. I was in great shape for ski season and now I am more than ready for cycling in the spring. Working out twice a week has proven to be very beneficial to me.
Dan Ketchell, Vancouver


“I have been working out with Ruth since she started her strength training classes in 2003. Her guidance has helped me to improve my strength for paddling and everything else that I do. The classes are fun and varied and Ruth is ready with modifications as needed. I’ll happily keep working with “Ruthless Ruth”.
Ellen Gould, Vancouver


“I’ve been training with Ruth for two years and most recently ran the BMO Marathon thanks to Ruth’s encouragement and personal interest in my success. Ruth kept me focused, accountable and even trained and ran it with me. Ruth is professional, motivating and adds a personal touch to her challenging and results-orientated program. Thanks Ruth!”
Lesley Charter-Smith, 40, Accountant